2010 memories
..made this blog :D the most caring besties in college ♥ the most amazing birthday surprise in my life.
..knew some new peoples strangers from twitter and being bestfriends.
..hung out with lots of awesome people at gigs :D and made some new concert buddies!

..had trip to some town with my besties.
..learned to drive but the vehicle bumped the sidewalk.
..fell down when getting out from car and lots of eyes on me at that time.
..lost on highway when wanna go back home from mall. end up in other town, Bandung.
..went back to home after watching gig and got an accident cause chased by police. the vehicle bumped the fences and made me injuries on my face.

..merged into website team in my college. some complicated problems about my college.
..designed some posters and banners for events in college.
..R.I.P my favourite teacher on JHS. we love you, sir.

..I got my husky voice.
..trapped in nasty secret association.
..dealed with lotta polices. jerky police when I went back home after met my friend from Semarang. super kind polices when I wanna meet my X and my battery is empty.


2011 resolution
meet him....
gain weight!....
dye my hair....
be able to cook....
Hedgehog as my pet....
no more
lost when I go out alone....
get a better mark on the Report Card (such as 90% up)....
stop put too much faith to someone that say
sweet words....
I will give up chocolates totally. 100%. Completely. Honestly....
stop expect everything that have a good start will get a
happy ending....
stop dating heart-breakers. At least, know that I'm dating a heart-breaker....

Big Ben

My Future Kiddo ♥


few weeks ago I found a website (click that) that could mix some faces into one face.. you also could choose it as your child or not and also choose your national so the "new kiddo" looks like the "parents" lol try it, its fun! trust me..

awh, you don't believe me?
prove it by yourself then :p

and this is my future kiddo with Mr. Ben Dylan Adams xD

the baby

we named him Caden Glenn Adams xD
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥