2010 memories
..made this blog :D the most caring besties in college ♥ the most amazing birthday surprise in my life.
..knew some new peoples strangers from twitter and being bestfriends.
..hung out with lots of awesome people at gigs :D and made some new concert buddies!

..had trip to some town with my besties.
..learned to drive but the vehicle bumped the sidewalk.
..fell down when getting out from car and lots of eyes on me at that time.
..lost on highway when wanna go back home from mall. end up in other town, Bandung.
..went back to home after watching gig and got an accident cause chased by police. the vehicle bumped the fences and made me injuries on my face.

..merged into website team in my college. some complicated problems about my college.
..designed some posters and banners for events in college.
..R.I.P my favourite teacher on JHS. we love you, sir.

..I got my husky voice.
..trapped in nasty secret association.
..dealed with lotta polices. jerky police when I went back home after met my friend from Semarang. super kind polices when I wanna meet my X and my battery is empty.


2011 resolution
meet him....
gain weight!....
dye my hair....
be able to cook....
Hedgehog as my pet....
no more
lost when I go out alone....
get a better mark on the Report Card (such as 90% up)....
stop put too much faith to someone that say
sweet words....
I will give up chocolates totally. 100%. Completely. Honestly....
stop expect everything that have a good start will get a
happy ending....
stop dating heart-breakers. At least, know that I'm dating a heart-breaker....

bocah petualang

Geek On The Gig


Thursday noon..

woke up late and didn't know is there any class for today or not. zzz so i decided to skip the class for today. errrggh lazy me!
aaand the first thing I do when I woke up is : checking YM! (I was falling asleep again while chatting with my bf -__-) and then twitter.
got some mentions from my friends, asked bot the plan to hangout tomorrow. so I asked them is there any class for today and they say NO! hahahaha I forgot that Thursday and Friday is days off -.-"
I was watching TV for a while then here I am! sitting in front of PC, doing some shits with volume max music aaand home alone. lol HEAVEN! :p cleaning up my super messy files storage then I found some old pics and made me remember about the thing that I didnt do for a very long time, watching GIGS!

okay, lemme show ya..

#1st pict
(stand, left to right: Onad, ii, Jamal, Ezhat, Josaphat, Me, Rylo, Davi and -forgot his name-)
(sit, left to right: -frgot his name, Agung and Tebe)

this pic took @ BUGS Cafe, Pondok Indah on 19 Juni 09. Hemodialisis, A Charity For Brutz. (click here, I've ever been writing about this gig)
went there with Rylo, My brother. geez its been more than a year ago *smh*

#2nd pict
(left pic: Davi with My Brother :::: right pic: Josaphat with me)

and this pics took @ Spazzio, PIM on Saturday, 4 April 09. The Old Curse Of Death Launcing Album.
went there with my brother again. lol yea, he's also my mate to watch that :p my dad wont allow me to watch those gigs without him.

aaand the last one is,

lol its me!

its took while I was waiting for my brother to find the key. yea! our vehicle key! geez he's so careless at that time. I can't imagine how if we couldn't find the key.

lemme share you about my experience..
he realized that he lost the key while we've queuing up to get in the venue and we're almost in! he looks so damn panic. then I decided to get out of that queue and go back to parking lot. we've been looking for the key to the entire corner of the parking lot but we can't find it.

so, we go back to the venue and enjoy the gig until break time then go back to the parking lot (again). thats kinda made me exhausted cause the distance between the venue and the parking lot is soooo damn far. uugghh.. tried to find the key (again) but we got no result. then my brother asked to security at the parking lot to help us find our key. kinda relieving cause that security will help us.

so we go back to the venue aaand the show is getting rawks! lol they're really break our legs! hell yeah! good job, dudes!

after the show, we went back to parking lot. super exhausted and a bit mad with my brother cause his reckless. my brother met the security and asked bout the key. he coming closer to our vehicle then asked Vehicle Registration Certificate to him. my brother gave that then he checked that and also the licence plate. then he grobe his pocket ........ *drumrolls* TADAAA!!!! he show the key!! yea, the k e y ! thanks God! we said lotta BIG thanks to that security who saved our life!

we're so ready to go back home with big smile on our face (k, thats too much). awh, my brother start to panic again! oh, God! what else?

Rylo: "where's the parking card?"
Me: "WHAT?!! i dont know.. uhmm dont tell me that you lost the parking card again!"
Rylo: "uhhmm
*nod slowly*"
Me: "Dummy! *gettin out and searching again*"

10mins later, I found the ticket card on the ground, dirty parking card. then we went back home! whatta unforgetable random days!

enough for today, guys!
keep reading xD


Big Ben



whats on your mind when you read that?

this one? ===>


or this one? ===>


both are hedgehog. Sonic The Hedgehog in cartoon world and hedgehog in real world.

okay, lets straight to the point. im not gonna talk about cartoon here. so yea, lets talk about hedgehog for pet. have you ever imagine to have that pet in your house? YES for me. but poor me, my mom doesnt allow me to have that kinda pet :(

maybe some of you thought that hedgehog = porcupine. thats wrong, totally wrong.
they're really different and unrelated. porcupine's fur is really pointed, prickly and so damn dangerous whereas hedgehog's fur coarse but isnt prickly.

nahh, look at that one, thats Porcupine. really different with hedgehog, right? geez that soo damn scary x(

isnt hard to taking care for hedgehog, they eat foods for hedgehog or you just can give them dry cat foods. but feed them just in 15mins then take the food countainer out for too fat hedgehog.
and about their 'home', just put that on comfortable place, warm and clean.

simple, right?

thats why i wanna have them soooooo baaaad!
at least one of them! geez anybody wanna buy me one, maybe??

and awh you should see this pict,

her name is Akeara

looks at her innocent face.
also her fur color.
superb cute!!
for god sake, i want hedgehog for my pet!

extremely hanker for that since year ago!

anyway, my bf allow me to have that one someday.. awwh xD i love him ♥♥♥

okaay, enough to share about my dream pet.. lol

see ya on my next post, blogwatchers!


Long Distance Relationship


im getting bored (again) so I decided to post something (again, yea its my 2nd post for today). now im gonna post about Long Distance Relationship. that's aint a new thing in everyone love life. maybe everyone have to tried LDR.

Long distance relationship, that sounds hard but its worth to try. Well, its love. Ok,u can choose someone u want to love but u also cant help it if u fall in love with someone out there,livin in the different countries. Buuuuuttt, we’re livin in a modern life now.n thnx God for tht.Now u can use alotta things jst to get to them,such as Twitter, Ym, MSN, FB, nethin u want jst to keep contact with the person u love. Sounds cool, right? Well,it is cool xD
-Emily Jones (my friend from NZ)-

thats what my friend said about LDR thingy. agree? yea, im totally agree! that doesnt mean you're loser if you're on this relationship.

awh cme on,dude.its not tht i cnt hve a real gf hre.smetms smeone out thre n livin far awy frm me,attrack me.n its not bot physical the end its all bot heart n love n thts all tht matters.u shud try to b open-minded n blieve tht nothin is impossible
-Ryan Reeves (my friend from NZ)-

dont choose to be in this relationship if you:

1. cant spare your time although just for one hour for your bf/gf to talk. moreover if you 're be able to not talk to her/him for days! geez thats terrible. you should TALK although you're terribly busy

2. oftenly get jealous. cause thats just gonna hurt you everytime he/she hangout with the opposite sex. thats gonna be so damn BLAH if you're forbid her/him to hangout. hey, you wont him/her to be antisocial, right?

3. oftenly have bad prejudice. try to be positive and trust him/her

4. aren't really fallin for her/him. A long distance relationship is difficult under even the best circumstances, let alone if you aren’t 100 percent committed to the person.

so, do you d a r e to be in a Long Distance Relationship? :p

Big Ben



whats up? anything new with all of you? :D

its been a long time I didnt post something here.. almost a month, huh? yea, kinda busy with college thingy. got days off for this whole week, well week off maybe.. :p

actually I dont know what should I post right now. uhhmm *thinking.thinking aaand thinking* lol i dont have any idea guys.. uuhhm, k.. lets get randooom! haha my blog, my rules. remember? :p

i'll post some pics with my besties here

(left to right: Nadia, Monic, Anty and Me!)

what im doing now: Making a scrapbook for my bf, listening Runner Runner - So Obvious, tweeting (anyway, follow my twitter guys @mylazzio) and also waiting my bf to show up..

what else? :p

my biggest project right now: making Game! (yea thts my college assignment.. *sigh*)

awh, he's back! lol time to focus with him again!

see yaa on my next post, guys!
awh yea, visit my tumblr <== click that* if you dont mind ;)

Feels Like Heaven

#1 ♥


#1 = Your Awesome Past Time

something that maybe you can't forget.
but it shouldn't be something that you could bring it back to your present nor your future.
yea, you know about "just forget your past" right? well, actually it's not that "forget".. it refers to "dont ever look back".

♥ ♥ ♥

7 Things That You Should Do About Your Past

1. just keep it on your best box, you could make that box as beautiful as you want.
2. lock it and throw away the key or you could keep the key on your secret place. once again, secret place
3. if you wanna open that box, make sure that someone on your present isnt around you.
4. open it carefully. recall your past, remember it, but dont let that past out of your beautiful box!
5. dont take sooo long to remember it. you just need your little time.
6. if you done, close your box then.
7. lock it!

♥ ♥ ♥

so, hows your feeling now?
better? :)


Tumblr. Eh?


heyho, blogwatchers!

long time no post and now I've a news for you!

I have a tumblr!

I dont know why I made a tumblr..

just a random me in a random night.. so yeah, here it is ....
my tumblr.. lol


Recent Playlist


hell-o Blogwatchers,

im waiting, yea waiting for nothing.. I know it sucks. feels empty.. so I decided to post something new here..

Im gonna post about my recent playlist.. yea, just wanna share to all of you bout my playlist.. no offense, huh? so yeaa, here it is ......

Girlicious - Maniac *REALLY LOVE THIS SONG! :D best song to dancing!
the vid notty but idc! :p I like it!

Mayday Parade - Kids In Love
Breathe Carolina - I.D.G.A.F *hell yea! I dont give a ffff to all of you who dont like me!
Hey Monday - Arizona
Sparks The Rescue - Autumn
We The Kings - Check Yes Juliet
You Me At Six - Gossip
Tegan and Sara - I Know I Know I Know *nice song to chill
Breaking Benjamin - Sooner Or Later
The Ready Set - Limits *move your body when listen this song! :D
Sparks The Rescue - We Love Like Vampires
The Word Alive - You're All I See
Amely - Sing to You
You Me At Six - Finders Keepers
The Summer Set - Young *nice song to dancing! :D
Every Avenue - Mindset *I love the lyric and the beat!
John Mayer - Your Body Is A Wonderland *lovely!
The Word Alive - The only rule Is That There Are No Rules *CRABCORE! you should watch the vid! suppa \m/
Breaking Benjamin - Give Me A Sign *nicey song
Breaking Benjamin - Polyamorous
Girlicious - Babydoll *notty song for a babydoll! :p
Sleeping With Sirens - Let Love Bleed Red *sweet!
You Me At Six - if i Were In Your Shoes

there r more tht I haven't wrote.. but suddenly something ruined my mood!

P.S: I got an award from Chacan. big thanks for her to gave me this award but really sorry I cudnt spread it to another bloggers x( so, anyone who wanna take this award, just take it! cz I know all of you are Great! :D

see ya on my next post!


New Head (?)


Mood : Peevish! (cz my boyfie dissapear from this mornin)
Now Listening : We The kings ft. Demi Lovato - We'll Be A Dream

heyho, blogwatchers..

2nd post for today. well, kinda bored with my blog header.. so I decided to make the new one and refashion it.. and here it is ... my blog with my new header.. do ya like it? xD

curious with my old header? naah? awkeey, although u dont wanna know, I'll still show ya my old header. lol no against, ppls!

this is it! my old header :D

yeaa, jst wanna told ya bot this.. keep readin, guys! xD

Big Ben

September Ceria!


~ September ceria, September ceria milik kita bersamaa

hahaha itu yang pertama terlintas di otak gue begitu denger kata September!
udah pada buat September Wishes nih yaa kayaknya.. pas tanggal 31 pada balapan buat September Wishes di twitter.. hahaha gue? ga ikutan.. let it flow aja, ga usah ribet bikin wishes ini itu.. :p

1 September 2010
ohh iya, mau ngasih tau kemaren itu prodi kampus gue baru ngadain 2nd anniversary party lohh! ha? ga nanya ya? hahah ga perlu nanya kok, gue cuma mau curhat aja :p gue jadi K.O nya team creative acara. bikin video anak sekelas terus di edit, dikasih bumbu bumbu humor *aduh apa sih ini bahasa gue?* hahaha eitss.. beda jauh lohh yaa sama video yang tiba-tiba meledak karena lipsync di youtube. *oops!*
daaaaan, gue juga design bannernya.. dadakan! cuma 1 malem gue ngerjain itu.. huhu ohh iya, yang gue tulis di banner itu quotes fav. gue lohh! hhe udah pernah gue post quotes itu disini.

acaranya sukses banget! euphoria nya tuh berasa banget.. apalagi pas video nya diputer.. semua nya pada nonton dengan duduk manis dan pas videonya mau gue skip itu mereka ga rela, pada minta mau puter lagi... hahah senangnyaaa xD

acara selesai sekitar jam setengah 8, dan kebetulan kemaren itu temen sekelas gue juga ada yang ulang tahun, jadi pas acara selesai, kita semua kasih surprise ke dia. gue dan teman2 yang lain nyeret dia ke ......... kolam renang kampus! daan kita ceburin! kebayang nggak sih lo malem2 gitu nyemplung kolam renang dengan pakaian lengkap! hahaha pas nyebur, dia cuma bisa pegangan di pinggir kolam, ternyata dia gabisa berenang dan air nya lumayan dalem.. haduuhh..
maaf ya, Git.. lo orang yang pertama dan terakhir yang kita ceburin ke kolam kampus kok.. hhihi :p

pulangnya, gue ketiduran di bus dan baru bangun pas udah lewat jauh banget dari rumah gue. geezzz shock gue pas bangun gue ada di tempat yang super asing. whatta random night!

pulangnya, ngobrol sama pacar. hhihi

2 September 2010
ehh ternyata gue ketiduran dan pas bangun udah pagi ajaa! eeerrghh gue kesel dan si pacar juga keliatan gondok banget! aaaa perbedaan waktu 5 jam emang super duper ngeselin!!

nah sekarang masih jam 10 pagi.

yang gue lakuin?

sama posting disini deh..

ahh iya, gue mau curhat lagi dong.. hahaha akhir akhir ini gue lagi sering dengerin lagu lagu nya You Me At Six. pada tau ga? gue tau band itu dari si pacar.

lagu yang pertama kali gue denger itu judulnya Gossip. Vclip nya tentang party anak muda disana gitu deh.. enak-enak kok lagunya. Save it From Bed, If I Were In Your Shoes, Underdog, banyak deh coba aja dengerin salah satu.

daaan gue langsung ngefaaaans banget sama bassistnya, Matt Barnes.

dia yang ditangah dan yang disebelah kirinya itu Max

"lebih keren Max, kali myl.."
"masaa? ga ahh.. Matt jauh lebih keren. kharisma nya dapet banget di gue. hahaha"

dan gue googling lah itu foto-fotonya. dan kalian mat tau ga apa yang keluar di google begitu gue search "Matt Barnes"?

Shock gue! hahahha malah foto pemain basket yang muncul..

nahh ini hasil search gue yang benernyaa..

see? see? whoaaaa! darn cool!

awh yeaahh.. dan satu lagi hasil perburuan gue.
lagi random search, eh tiba2 liat foto ini.. kereeen! xD

dari click it..

Big Ben

Falling Up - Falling In Love


another random post.. this song is mostly played on my recent playlist. I knw bot this song from him.

"Falling In Love"

You are my one true love
You are the voice that is so sweet
In everything I do, you bring the best out of me
You are my wings to fly
You are the wind beneath them
I miss you every night, when I close my eyes
You put your feelings down
You stopped your tears you brought me love
You held to my heart
You held with hope to have me near
Sometimes I close my eyes
Sometimes I let my hunger rise
I think of all you are, you are the love of my life

All of my dreams and my passions
Are in your hands

You reached me in my need
Your rhythm flows under my skin
I need you desperately,
A sweet healing that will begin
You are my one true love
You are the voice that is so sweet
In everything I do, you bring the best out of me
My everything is you
The very motions that I move
And everything with richness
The richness of the peace you bring

[chorus (x3)]

Always, always you are with me
Always, always you are with me
Always, always you are with me
Always, always you are with me

[chorus (x3)]

You are the love of my life
He comes to find you on your knees

Big Ben

In My Head


heyho blogwatchers..

I have no idea bout what should I post today.. cz im freakin out right now! yeaa feels like such a fool cz I fell asleep in the midle of our conversation.. seems like he kinda mad at me. that's bad! x(

so I decide to post random things..

missing someone isn't about how long it has been since you've seen them or the amount of time since you've talked. its about that very moment when you're doing something and wishing they were right there with you. ~Author Unknown

what greater thing is there for two human souls that to feel that they are joined.. to strengthen each other.. to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories. ~George Eliot


for the record, whn I'm with u, things r lookin better.. for once, evrythn is brighter than the darkness bfore u. I don't care where we are, u're next to me in my head. whenever u're near, I feel like we could do anythin n I think we should.. lets make a scene like the movies in our dreams.


Stop (for a while) To Make Some Noise


heyho blogwatchers!

it's been 6 days since my last post.. yeaa, lil bit bored and kinda busy with lotta things.
sorry for this. but I'm promise this situation won't take soo loooong time. I just need a time to refreshing my mind. keep my promise.

but now I'm chatting with viravierramon (click her! she's awesome!) I've told bout her before on here and here *click it click it* We've talkin bout "How To Make Over Your Blog" and she told me how to made Twitter Widget.

this is it!

Thanks to her for told me bout this widget. lol I've never know how to made it until I saw her blog and asked her bout it.

Enough for today.
I've told you right? i'm not really in the mood to posting.
but I'm still tweeting. so catch me there if you wanna talk to me. feel free to mention and follow :)

k, bye..

see yaa!


New Look on a Quite Afternoon


Saturday Afternoon

Now listening : BoA - Every Heart
Mood : Cheerio!
Movie Title Of The Day : Home Alone!

lagi lagi bereksperimen dengan Huan, (belum tau Huan siapa? kenalan dulu ya disini *click click*) jadi gue lagi mencoba-coba buat nambahin emoticon emoticon lucu gitu di chatbox. hahahaha dan akhirnya gue nanya sama Kak James, senior gue di kampus (penting banget ya myl, sampe nanya gitu?) ya penting lah! hahaha dan akhirnya dikasih tau. gue langsung semangat ngebedah Oom Google. gue cari emoticon tomat! hahaha ya biar match sama tomatoscream maksudnya.. nah, ketemulah satu situs yang ada tomatnya.. gue copy URL nya dan gue klik tombol save. pas gue test, gue type di Cbox .... *jengjengjeng*
gambarnya malah segede gini >> serem banget nggak sih? nggak kecil lucu malah jadi gede dan menyeramkan gini.. MyEm0.Comgue lupa capture Cbox nya pas ada ini monster tomat.. keburu gue benerin dan baru kepikiran untuk postingan ini. hahahaha dan sekarang kalian bisa lihat hasil upgradenya di Cbox gue.. hhi

feel free to talk to me, peoples!

oh iyaa ada lagi nih yang baru, tadaaaa!
ini dia nih yang fotonya gue pajang.. hhihi
Ryan Ross! udah pada tau kan?
dia ini lead Gitaris, Penulis lagu dan juga Backup vocal di band nya yang dulu, Panic At The Disco. dan di bandnya yang sekarang, The Young Veins, dia jadi leader dan juga vokalist nya



Third Awards! ❤


Here they are.. another award from Poppimeshi.. thanks yaa! ❤
huaa kebanjiran awards! jadi kewalahan nih mau nerusin awards nya ke siapa lagi..

ok, I'll pass this award too niltafs, Via, and Lena

Best Regards,


Second Award! ❤


wooohoo~ I got another award from The Major!
another birthday gift from another blogger..
*hop, skip and jump*

thank you Dezca *click her, she's an awesome major!* (:

and , the question ..

1.Berapa blog yang kamu punya dan berapa umurnya?
sebenernya ada banyak, tapi blog yang lain ga keurus, yang keurus cuma yang ini :) kalo yang ini baru 7 bulan umurnya :)

2.Sejak kapan kamu mengenal dunia blog?
dari kelas satu SMA sampe sekarang udah kuliah semester 3.

3.Mengapa tertarik membuat blog? dan untuk apa?
I do ❤ writing! yaa buat menyalurkan hobby menulis saya..

4.Apa kelebihan dan kekurangan kamu?
Saya? Blog saya (btw, namanya Huan)? apa kodok baru saya (namanya Froggy)?

5.Award dan Tag ini berikan kepada 4 teman blogger lain
bingung mau kasih ke siapa.. uhhh baru aja bagi bagi ke 10 bloggers.. hmm.. awkaaay! here they areee: Kiky, Finesa, Katya, Maulina

take it yaaa! :D

Best Regards,


Birthday! Whatta Great Day!


spesial banget deh hari ini..
dimulai dari jam 00:00, sempet ada berita kalo gravitasi bakal naik 6x lipat dan itu terjadi 20.000 tahun sekali.. wooott! udah seneng aja gue. Special lah yaa, pas banget gitu moment nyaa.. soalnya gue mauuuu banget ngerasain gimana kalo badan gue beraat! hahaha

dan mulailah banyak yang mengucapkan "Happy Birthday blablabla"..
dan yang ngucapin pertama adalaaaahhh.... *drumrolls*

diikuti dengan ucapan dari:
My TweetFam [Nessy, Kiky, Sara, Mami Rinda, Vira] My Batsister [Zahra] C.R.E.W [Remy and D-whie] My Rockasisters [Lita and Anya] Zhonky, Hery, Vaneza, Indri, Fanyol, Atha, Vadhil, Adit, Icha, Findi, Tiara, *ehm* my first ex, Nina, Zaly, Tante Anna, Tante Wiwiek.

THANKS yaa semuanyaa! I LOVE YOU!!

ahh, Special Thanks to My Mom and Dad..
and my Besties [Monic, Anty n Nadia]

siangnyaa, gue ke Blok M.. buat ketemu sama Nabila and Agnia. you know what? gue nyasar! Photobucketsering banget men gue nyasar kalo ke Blok M, padahal udah sering kesitu..

dan akhirnya kutemukan sebuah gedung yang pada saat itu keliatan indah banget (agak lebay .... oke, lebay) BLOK M PLAZA! woohooo gue langsung ngebut tanpa lihat kiri kanan *kebiasaan!* dan ternyata Nabila udah manggil-manggil gue dari belakang. belum juga meluncur ke 21, Agnia bilang buat ganti tempat nonton nya aja. BLOK M SQUARE. Photobucket kenapa ga bilang daritadi? tau gitu kan gue gak pake naysar segalaa..akhirnya gue mengalah dan berjalan dengan lunglai ke Blok M Square. sampe 21 nya, liat jadwal film nya.... Photobucket aarrrgggghhh! ga ada film yang bagus! bagusan jadwal film di Blok M Plaza katanya. dan kalian tau apa? kita balik lagi ke Plaza nya.

lagi jalan santai.. Monic telp.. tapi bukannya ngajak gue ngomong, malah cekikikan gituu.. gak tau lagi ngobrol sama siapa. nggak lama mati telp nya. aneehh.. jalan lagi dengan santai, ada yang "Sst! Sstt!" dibelakang gue, mungkin orang iseng. ehh, pundak gue ditepuk! "wah, mulai kurang ajar ini orang iseng berani megang gue" pas gue nengok..

ada 3 cewek yang mukanya familiar banget.. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MYLA!" I was shocked! ditengah jalan (dipinggir jalan sih sebenernya) mereka bawa-bawa Cake lengkap dengan lilinnya. kaget banget banget bangettt gue.. ga nyangka bisa dipinggir jalan gitu, diliatin orang-orang.. setelah make a wish, I mean.. make some wishes gue tiup lilin dan.. ishhh.. mereka sukses membuat gue cemong dengan cream! dan itu dipinggir jalan! sekali lagi, dipinggir jalan, sodara sodara! tapi tapi tapi.. aku senaaang! baru kali ini gue dikasih surprise dipinggir jalan.. hhihi setelah ngasih surprise, penyerahan cake dan kado, mereka pulang.

dan gue meluncur ke 21 di Plaza dan beli tiket Toy Story 3.. cihuuuyy!
*krucuk krucuk* perut lapaar.. kita ke sebuah fast food resto dan errrggghhh! Photobucket gila yaa! parah aja ini makanannya nggak oke! nasinya aja bukan yang bersih gituu.. uhhh.. kapok ahh makan disitu lagi..

film mulai dan enjoy this movie soooo mucho! film nya baguuus!

selesai nonton, pulang kerumaaaahh..

sampe dirumah, gue buka kado dari My Besties.. huaaa! aku suka sekali kadonyaaa! hhihi thanks yaaa! *HugKissPoke*

online, ngecheck fb.. ada 120 notifications semuanya ngucapin ulang tahun!
thanks for paying attention to me, guys!

mau sih, nyebutin nama nya satu2, tapi nggak sempet! *blowing all a kiss from miles to all of you..*

ohh iyaa, satu lagi nih yang buat hari gue tambah spesial!
hhihi gue dapet 2 awards sekaligus lohh! waaa! pertama kali nih dapet awards >.< style="color: rgb(153, 51, 153);">sekarang nggak sempet :s

whoooops! ada satu lagi yang bikin tambah spesial, my blog friend ... Kiky *click her!*
she posted it on her blog:
Happy Birthday to my new friends Myla Aninda Modjo ☺
doaku buat kakaku yang cantiiiik : semoga panjang umur, sehat terus, tambah yang baik-baik, yang di pengenin bisa terkabul semua, AMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN

whoaa! thanks yaa wishes nyaa.. amiinn.. :) hihi terharu nih aku dijadiin postingan.. bukan pertama kalinya dia post tentang gue di blognya. di postingan ini dia juga bahas tentang Me! *just click it!* :)

that's all, bloggers!
I can only say thanks to all of you. thank you for making my special day became superduper specials. you guys are the best!


Say Hello To My Froggy!


lagi iseng iseng blogwalking, ehh tersesat di blog nya Niltafarah.. nah, terus gue liat ada Mr. Bean yang nyapa gue di blog nya dia. hhihi bukan pertama kali sih gue disapa gitu, waktu itu juga pernah disapa gitu sama Pinguin n Kucing.. hhihi tapi baru sekarang ini gue kepikiran buat mengadopsi mereka juga. dan akhirnya gue menemukan yang PAS banget!

blog gue masih kosong

nah! ini dia nih yang baru aja gue adopsi.. hhihi called Him Froggy!

kenapa namanya Froggy? kenapa nggak Triffids, Frizzy atau apaa kek gitu?
milkysmile I don't know.. I think it's simple and cute one.

kenapa harus Froggy yang lo adopsi? nggak gajah gitu, atau Pinguin..
milkysmile cz it's GREEN! yeaa, you know, I love GREEN! :)

btw blog lo kan tomato scream nih, terus kenapa nggak adopsi tomat aja gitu?
karena nggak ada tomat! milkysmile

that's all.
see yaa!

Buzzy Wuzzy

Holidays! Howly Days?


milkysmile Heyho!
gue baru mencium wanginya liburan nih! milkysmile

gimana nggak? liburannya pas banget sama bulan favorit gue! ihiiy! setelah tadi bersusah payah menghadapi 2 dosen yang cukup killer, ternyata yang killer cuma 1 dosen!
dosen yang satu lagi nggak se-killer biasanya! milkysmile

ayeay! jadi tadi lumayan deh bisa legaaa sama dosen yang ternyata baik itu. hhihi jadi ngerasa tenang deh gue.. daaaan, gue jadi panik lagi kalo inget isi dompet gue sekarang lagi mengalami
musim kemarau! kering kerontang! ohhh nooo! milkysmile

sekarang udah tanggal 5, 2 hariii lagiii meeeen! gimana coba biar gue dapet uang jutaan dalam waktu 2 hari?
uhh.. pusiiiing.. milkysmile

anehnya nihh yaa, anehnya 2 hari lagi itu temen gue ngajakin gue ke blok M! dia mau traktir gue nonton katanya. milkysmile

aneh nggak sih? gue jadi curiga nih, jangan jangan gue mauuu diapa-apain. mana mungkin lah temen gue itu nggak tau 2 hari lagi itu hari apa buat gue. ya, walaupun jujur gue nggak tau kalo dia itu baru aja ulang tahun.
*teman macam apa lo myl!* milkysmile
ya soalnya dia nggak pernah cerita sama gue.
oke, berdoa aja deh, semoga 2 hari lagi gue nggak diculik sam atemen gue itu. hhihi dia hobby nyulik orang soalnya :p tapiii tapii walaupun begitu, gue tetep sayang kok sama lo . hahahaha milkysmile

whoops!! udah spamming yaa gue? cerita nggak jelas kayak gini? ah, tapi palingan ga ada yang mau baca juga, ya ga?