chase your dream

Keep Your Dream Alive


paling ga suka denger kata2 "kalo mimpi jangan ketinggian". lohh untuk apa pelit bermimpi? mimpi adalah doa dan bisa menjadi motivasi. jangan jadi orang yang pesimis dan takut untuk bermimpi!


really don't like to hear the words "do not dream too high". huh? why do you afraid to dream? dream is a wish your heart makes and could be a motivation. do not be a pessimist and be afraid to dream!

If your dream is big enough, the facts don't count." -Don Ward



We Don't Care

I don't care if I love you to death. this is me if I'm in love. I'll do whatever you want.
i'm not afraid of losing you but your love. maybe you were playing around with my heart like you could love me back.
you don't care about what I feel for all these times.

I know that you don't care.