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Geek On The Gig


Thursday noon..

woke up late and didn't know is there any class for today or not. zzz so i decided to skip the class for today. errrggh lazy me!
aaand the first thing I do when I woke up is : checking YM! (I was falling asleep again while chatting with my bf -__-) and then twitter.
got some mentions from my friends, asked bot the plan to hangout tomorrow. so I asked them is there any class for today and they say NO! hahahaha I forgot that Thursday and Friday is days off -.-"
I was watching TV for a while then here I am! sitting in front of PC, doing some shits with volume max music aaand home alone. lol HEAVEN! :p cleaning up my super messy files storage then I found some old pics and made me remember about the thing that I didnt do for a very long time, watching GIGS!

okay, lemme show ya..

#1st pict
(stand, left to right: Onad, ii, Jamal, Ezhat, Josaphat, Me, Rylo, Davi and -forgot his name-)
(sit, left to right: -frgot his name, Agung and Tebe)

this pic took @ BUGS Cafe, Pondok Indah on 19 Juni 09. Hemodialisis, A Charity For Brutz. (click here, I've ever been writing about this gig)
went there with Rylo, My brother. geez its been more than a year ago *smh*

#2nd pict
(left pic: Davi with My Brother :::: right pic: Josaphat with me)

and this pics took @ Spazzio, PIM on Saturday, 4 April 09. The Old Curse Of Death Launcing Album.
went there with my brother again. lol yea, he's also my mate to watch that :p my dad wont allow me to watch those gigs without him.

aaand the last one is,

lol its me!

its took while I was waiting for my brother to find the key. yea! our vehicle key! geez he's so careless at that time. I can't imagine how if we couldn't find the key.

lemme share you about my experience..
he realized that he lost the key while we've queuing up to get in the venue and we're almost in! he looks so damn panic. then I decided to get out of that queue and go back to parking lot. we've been looking for the key to the entire corner of the parking lot but we can't find it.

so, we go back to the venue and enjoy the gig until break time then go back to the parking lot (again). thats kinda made me exhausted cause the distance between the venue and the parking lot is soooo damn far. uugghh.. tried to find the key (again) but we got no result. then my brother asked to security at the parking lot to help us find our key. kinda relieving cause that security will help us.

so we go back to the venue aaand the show is getting rawks! lol they're really break our legs! hell yeah! good job, dudes!

after the show, we went back to parking lot. super exhausted and a bit mad with my brother cause his reckless. my brother met the security and asked bout the key. he coming closer to our vehicle then asked Vehicle Registration Certificate to him. my brother gave that then he checked that and also the licence plate. then he grobe his pocket ........ *drumrolls* TADAAA!!!! he show the key!! yea, the k e y ! thanks God! we said lotta BIG thanks to that security who saved our life!

we're so ready to go back home with big smile on our face (k, thats too much). awh, my brother start to panic again! oh, God! what else?

Rylo: "where's the parking card?"
Me: "WHAT?!! i dont know.. uhmm dont tell me that you lost the parking card again!"
Rylo: "uhhmm
*nod slowly*"
Me: "Dummy! *gettin out and searching again*"

10mins later, I found the ticket card on the ground, dirty parking card. then we went back home! whatta unforgetable random days!

enough for today, guys!
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Big Ben



whats on your mind when you read that?

this one? ===>


or this one? ===>


both are hedgehog. Sonic The Hedgehog in cartoon world and hedgehog in real world.

okay, lets straight to the point. im not gonna talk about cartoon here. so yea, lets talk about hedgehog for pet. have you ever imagine to have that pet in your house? YES for me. but poor me, my mom doesnt allow me to have that kinda pet :(

maybe some of you thought that hedgehog = porcupine. thats wrong, totally wrong.
they're really different and unrelated. porcupine's fur is really pointed, prickly and so damn dangerous whereas hedgehog's fur coarse but isnt prickly.

nahh, look at that one, thats Porcupine. really different with hedgehog, right? geez that soo damn scary x(

isnt hard to taking care for hedgehog, they eat foods for hedgehog or you just can give them dry cat foods. but feed them just in 15mins then take the food countainer out for too fat hedgehog.
and about their 'home', just put that on comfortable place, warm and clean.

simple, right?

thats why i wanna have them soooooo baaaad!
at least one of them! geez anybody wanna buy me one, maybe??

and awh you should see this pict,

her name is Akeara

looks at her innocent face.
also her fur color.
superb cute!!
for god sake, i want hedgehog for my pet!

extremely hanker for that since year ago!

anyway, my bf allow me to have that one someday.. awwh xD i love him ♥♥♥

okaay, enough to share about my dream pet.. lol

see ya on my next post, blogwatchers!


Long Distance Relationship


im getting bored (again) so I decided to post something (again, yea its my 2nd post for today). now im gonna post about Long Distance Relationship. that's aint a new thing in everyone love life. maybe everyone have to tried LDR.

Long distance relationship, that sounds hard but its worth to try. Well, its love. Ok,u can choose someone u want to love but u also cant help it if u fall in love with someone out there,livin in the different countries. Buuuuuttt, we’re livin in a modern life now.n thnx God for tht.Now u can use alotta things jst to get to them,such as Twitter, Ym, MSN, FB, nethin u want jst to keep contact with the person u love. Sounds cool, right? Well,it is cool xD
-Emily Jones (my friend from NZ)-

thats what my friend said about LDR thingy. agree? yea, im totally agree! that doesnt mean you're loser if you're on this relationship.

awh cme on,dude.its not tht i cnt hve a real gf hre.smetms smeone out thre n livin far awy frm me,attrack me.n its not bot physical the end its all bot heart n love n thts all tht matters.u shud try to b open-minded n blieve tht nothin is impossible
-Ryan Reeves (my friend from NZ)-

dont choose to be in this relationship if you:

1. cant spare your time although just for one hour for your bf/gf to talk. moreover if you 're be able to not talk to her/him for days! geez thats terrible. you should TALK although you're terribly busy

2. oftenly get jealous. cause thats just gonna hurt you everytime he/she hangout with the opposite sex. thats gonna be so damn BLAH if you're forbid her/him to hangout. hey, you wont him/her to be antisocial, right?

3. oftenly have bad prejudice. try to be positive and trust him/her

4. aren't really fallin for her/him. A long distance relationship is difficult under even the best circumstances, let alone if you aren’t 100 percent committed to the person.

so, do you d a r e to be in a Long Distance Relationship? :p

Big Ben



whats up? anything new with all of you? :D

its been a long time I didnt post something here.. almost a month, huh? yea, kinda busy with college thingy. got days off for this whole week, well week off maybe.. :p

actually I dont know what should I post right now. uhhmm *thinking.thinking aaand thinking* lol i dont have any idea guys.. uuhhm, k.. lets get randooom! haha my blog, my rules. remember? :p

i'll post some pics with my besties here

(left to right: Nadia, Monic, Anty and Me!)

what im doing now: Making a scrapbook for my bf, listening Runner Runner - So Obvious, tweeting (anyway, follow my twitter guys @mylazzio) and also waiting my bf to show up..

what else? :p

my biggest project right now: making Game! (yea thts my college assignment.. *sigh*)

awh, he's back! lol time to focus with him again!

see yaa on my next post, guys!
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