Lovely Convo

Lovely Convo!


heyho, blogwatchers..
I just wanna re-post somethin right now.. I grabbed it from someone on tumblr.
sooo touchin x")

Do you like me?
Boy: No.
Girl: Do you want me?
Boy: No.
Girl: Would you cry if I left?
Boy: No.
Girl: *runs away in shock and pain.*
Boy: *runs after her* I don't like you, I love you. I don't want you, I need you. and I wouldn't cry if you left, I would die.

Girl: " I am so lost..."
Boy: " why are you so lost? "
Girl: " I am not sure where i belong in this world..."
Boy: " Well i can help you answer that.. "
Girl: " You can? Then what's the answer? "
Boy: " You belong nowhere else but in my arms, in my heart and in my world.. "

Girl: Tell me how much you love me.
Boy: Look up at the sky.
Girl: Stop changing the subject!
Boy: Just look.
(Girl looks up to the sky)
Girl: What am I doing?
Boy: Tell me how many stars are in the sky.
Girl: That's impossible.
Boy: So is explaining my love for you.


Recent Playlist


hell-o Blogwatchers,

im waiting, yea waiting for nothing.. I know it sucks. feels empty.. so I decided to post something new here..

Im gonna post about my recent playlist.. yea, just wanna share to all of you bout my playlist.. no offense, huh? so yeaa, here it is ......

Girlicious - Maniac *REALLY LOVE THIS SONG! :D best song to dancing!
the vid notty but idc! :p I like it!

Mayday Parade - Kids In Love
Breathe Carolina - I.D.G.A.F *hell yea! I dont give a ffff to all of you who dont like me!
Hey Monday - Arizona
Sparks The Rescue - Autumn
We The Kings - Check Yes Juliet
You Me At Six - Gossip
Tegan and Sara - I Know I Know I Know *nice song to chill
Breaking Benjamin - Sooner Or Later
The Ready Set - Limits *move your body when listen this song! :D
Sparks The Rescue - We Love Like Vampires
The Word Alive - You're All I See
Amely - Sing to You
You Me At Six - Finders Keepers
The Summer Set - Young *nice song to dancing! :D
Every Avenue - Mindset *I love the lyric and the beat!
John Mayer - Your Body Is A Wonderland *lovely!
The Word Alive - The only rule Is That There Are No Rules *CRABCORE! you should watch the vid! suppa \m/
Breaking Benjamin - Give Me A Sign *nicey song
Breaking Benjamin - Polyamorous
Girlicious - Babydoll *notty song for a babydoll! :p
Sleeping With Sirens - Let Love Bleed Red *sweet!
You Me At Six - if i Were In Your Shoes

there r more tht I haven't wrote.. but suddenly something ruined my mood!

P.S: I got an award from Chacan. big thanks for her to gave me this award but really sorry I cudnt spread it to another bloggers x( so, anyone who wanna take this award, just take it! cz I know all of you are Great! :D

see ya on my next post!

Big Ben

Masterpiece ♥


my masterpiece. I named it "Tweety Big Ben"

he's my own Big Ben
he's my wings to fly
he's my best remedy
's the star on my dark night

he's the sunshine on my gloomy day
he's the reason why I stand
he's the music in me


yesterday is my 1 month anniversary with him. kinda surprised cause he remembered bout our anniversary. he said on 17th Sept on his time, New Zealand (its still 16th Sept on my time :p)

that's like short love letter for me :">

and about my hand-drawed, that's the picture of me and him. lol actually, I'll show that pic yesterday but yea, there's lotta reasons to take in tow. I've made it bout 3 days ago. when I tweeted "secret project" and he suddenly online and asked me "what project?" lol thats made me panic and kinda confused. feels like thief that caught while stealing. lol so I said "I'll tell you when Im done with this thingy" that's work! aaaaand here it is, my Secret Project :D

to be honest, im so excited when I hand-drawed it and really cudn't wait to show it to him. raised sooo many questions to myself.
"will he like this picture?" . "am I look silly with this kiddo thingy?" . "or maybe he'll laugh out loud and think that imma worst painter ever?" and many more questions :p

and TODAY is THE DAY! I'll wait until he show up and tell him about this :D hope he'll show up soon and doesnt make me waitin for a long time to show it to him. everybody hates waiting, huh?

This relationship has just been started one month ago but he could make me love him more and more day by day.. God, please plan something for our best. make us stronger to face lotsa LDR problems.

I will always love you, Ben Dylan Adams

Big Ben

Drama Scene


another bad night.
everything just like a drama scene.
imma part of that drama.


. bleeding . suicide . betrayal .

. major crush . true love . faithful .


thank God, everything is okay now

Even a mistake may turn out to be the one thing necessary to a worthwhile achievement

Big Ben

Little Pebbles



it's our hardest night

hope everything is gonna be alright.
maybe it's just pebbles in our relationship tht could make us stronger.



New Head (?)


Mood : Peevish! (cz my boyfie dissapear from this mornin)
Now Listening : We The kings ft. Demi Lovato - We'll Be A Dream

heyho, blogwatchers..

2nd post for today. well, kinda bored with my blog header.. so I decided to make the new one and refashion it.. and here it is ... my blog with my new header.. do ya like it? xD

curious with my old header? naah? awkeey, although u dont wanna know, I'll still show ya my old header. lol no against, ppls!

this is it! my old header :D

yeaa, jst wanna told ya bot this.. keep readin, guys! xD

Big Ben

September Ceria!


~ September ceria, September ceria milik kita bersamaa

hahaha itu yang pertama terlintas di otak gue begitu denger kata September!
udah pada buat September Wishes nih yaa kayaknya.. pas tanggal 31 pada balapan buat September Wishes di twitter.. hahaha gue? ga ikutan.. let it flow aja, ga usah ribet bikin wishes ini itu.. :p

1 September 2010
ohh iya, mau ngasih tau kemaren itu prodi kampus gue baru ngadain 2nd anniversary party lohh! ha? ga nanya ya? hahah ga perlu nanya kok, gue cuma mau curhat aja :p gue jadi K.O nya team creative acara. bikin video anak sekelas terus di edit, dikasih bumbu bumbu humor *aduh apa sih ini bahasa gue?* hahaha eitss.. beda jauh lohh yaa sama video yang tiba-tiba meledak karena lipsync di youtube. *oops!*
daaaaan, gue juga design bannernya.. dadakan! cuma 1 malem gue ngerjain itu.. huhu ohh iya, yang gue tulis di banner itu quotes fav. gue lohh! hhe udah pernah gue post quotes itu disini.

acaranya sukses banget! euphoria nya tuh berasa banget.. apalagi pas video nya diputer.. semua nya pada nonton dengan duduk manis dan pas videonya mau gue skip itu mereka ga rela, pada minta mau puter lagi... hahah senangnyaaa xD

acara selesai sekitar jam setengah 8, dan kebetulan kemaren itu temen sekelas gue juga ada yang ulang tahun, jadi pas acara selesai, kita semua kasih surprise ke dia. gue dan teman2 yang lain nyeret dia ke ......... kolam renang kampus! daan kita ceburin! kebayang nggak sih lo malem2 gitu nyemplung kolam renang dengan pakaian lengkap! hahaha pas nyebur, dia cuma bisa pegangan di pinggir kolam, ternyata dia gabisa berenang dan air nya lumayan dalem.. haduuhh..
maaf ya, Git.. lo orang yang pertama dan terakhir yang kita ceburin ke kolam kampus kok.. hhihi :p

pulangnya, gue ketiduran di bus dan baru bangun pas udah lewat jauh banget dari rumah gue. geezzz shock gue pas bangun gue ada di tempat yang super asing. whatta random night!

pulangnya, ngobrol sama pacar. hhihi

2 September 2010
ehh ternyata gue ketiduran dan pas bangun udah pagi ajaa! eeerrghh gue kesel dan si pacar juga keliatan gondok banget! aaaa perbedaan waktu 5 jam emang super duper ngeselin!!

nah sekarang masih jam 10 pagi.

yang gue lakuin?

sama posting disini deh..

ahh iya, gue mau curhat lagi dong.. hahaha akhir akhir ini gue lagi sering dengerin lagu lagu nya You Me At Six. pada tau ga? gue tau band itu dari si pacar.

lagu yang pertama kali gue denger itu judulnya Gossip. Vclip nya tentang party anak muda disana gitu deh.. enak-enak kok lagunya. Save it From Bed, If I Were In Your Shoes, Underdog, banyak deh coba aja dengerin salah satu.

daaan gue langsung ngefaaaans banget sama bassistnya, Matt Barnes.

dia yang ditangah dan yang disebelah kirinya itu Max

"lebih keren Max, kali myl.."
"masaa? ga ahh.. Matt jauh lebih keren. kharisma nya dapet banget di gue. hahaha"

dan gue googling lah itu foto-fotonya. dan kalian mat tau ga apa yang keluar di google begitu gue search "Matt Barnes"?

Shock gue! hahahha malah foto pemain basket yang muncul..

nahh ini hasil search gue yang benernyaa..

see? see? whoaaaa! darn cool!

awh yeaahh.. dan satu lagi hasil perburuan gue.
lagi random search, eh tiba2 liat foto ini.. kereeen! xD

dari click it..