Feels Like Heaven

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#1 = Your Awesome Past Time

something that maybe you can't forget.
but it shouldn't be something that you could bring it back to your present nor your future.
yea, you know about "just forget your past" right? well, actually it's not that "forget".. it refers to "dont ever look back".

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7 Things That You Should Do About Your Past

1. just keep it on your best box, you could make that box as beautiful as you want.
2. lock it and throw away the key or you could keep the key on your secret place. once again, secret place
3. if you wanna open that box, make sure that someone on your present isnt around you.
4. open it carefully. recall your past, remember it, but dont let that past out of your beautiful box!
5. dont take sooo long to remember it. you just need your little time.
6. if you done, close your box then.
7. lock it!

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so, hows your feeling now?
better? :)


Tumblr. Eh?


heyho, blogwatchers!

long time no post and now I've a news for you!

I have a tumblr!

I dont know why I made a tumblr..

just a random me in a random night.. so yeah, here it is ....
my tumblr.. lol